Summer Kick-off Party

Wednesday, May 24

CLICK HERE to go to Pin Strikes in Macon!

2017 Annual Conference

Sunday, June 4 - Wednesday, June 7


  Join in prayer over our Annual Conference Sessions as our clergy and lay     leaders gather to lead our church forward!

  CLICK HERE. The link will take you to a website, simply scroll down and         click the "sign-up" button for the time slot you would like to pray.


  Join churches from all over South GA in supporting the missions &                 ministry of our Annual Conference. Collect the items listed below, and           bring them by the church BEFORE Sunday, June 4th so that those going       to Annual Conference can take them with them.

  Magnolia Manor: Jigsaw/Word Search puzzles, hardback books, $10             Walmart gift cards, Kleenex

  Methodist Home: Personal hygiene items (soap, shampoo, conditioner,         toothpaste)

  Open Door: Travel size personal hygiene items and small journals

  Vashti: Bath linens (towels & washcloths)

  Wesley Community Centers: baby wipes, diapers/pull-ups (any size), latex-   free gloves

  Wesley Glen: Dove body wash, Aveeno or Eucerin lotions, adult wipes,           regular size boxes of Kleenex packet/pocket size boxes of Kleenex