Christian Education is a vital feature of church life.  Jesus commissioned his disciples to go into the world, making new disciples and "teaching them all I have taught you (Matthew 28:19-20)."  On this page you can access video and audio studies shared at Cordele First UMC.  You can also download study guides and find links and connection information for live sessions and small groups.

2020 Studies

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    Exploring the Nature and Reality of the Ten Commandments

    “Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.”  If you’ve ever ridden a roller coaster you’ve seen a sign like this warning riders to stay safely in the car and we’ve all seen foolish people who disregard such instructions at their own grave peril! At the same time, most people are at least vaguely aware of the list of guidelines Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai (Exodus 20)  but few really wrestle with their deeper meaning.  Far from being an archaic set of rules (almost always known only in the “thou shalts” of King James English!), the Ten Commandments are a thumbnail guide to building relationships with God and people.  Like the warning at the roller coaster, the Ten Commandments are given not as a means of stifling us or limiting our fun but for our own safety, abundant living and as the best way to experience the ride of our lifetime.  Join us on Wednesday nights beginning August 12 as we dig deep into the commandments, examining their purpose, application and their ultimate fulfillment through Jesus Christ.  Study guides will be posted the day before each session and video versions of the lessons will be available by the next day. 


    August 12            “Thou Shalt Not…” -An Introduction to God’s Foundational Guide

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    August 19            “This Town’s Not Big Enough For the Both of Us!”  - False Gods

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    August 26            “But It Looks Just Like You!”   - Idols and Graven Images

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    September 2      “Identity Thieves” -Taking the Lord’s Name

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    September 9      “Clearing the Cache” -To Honor the Sabbath

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    September 16    “They Pick Your Nursing Home” – Honoring our parents

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    September 23    “Pencils Have Erasers” – Do not kill

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    September 30    “In a Million Pieces” – The devastation of adultery

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    October 7            “Mine! Mine! Mine!” – Do not steal

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    October 14         “Did You Hear About Her?” – The cruelty of false witness

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    October 21         “Su Casa, Mi Casa!”  - The rot of covetousness

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  • Stations of the Cross: Holy Week Devotionals

    During the Lenten season, eight beautiful paintings hang in the rear of the sanctuary.  These depict moments of Jesus' passion and are generally referred to as The Stations of the Cross. Painted by the talented Lauren -Summers Gramm, these paintings capture the intensity of emotion, dedication and heart-break of Our Lord's grief and sacrifice.  Beginning with the Saturday before Palm Sunday, these devotions offer each painting as a focal point for prayer and reflection.  You are invited to take just a few minutes each day to ponder the amazing depth of God's love for you.

    Saturday, April 4 -                 Pilate Condemns Jesus to Die

    Sunday, April 5 -                    Jesus Accepts His Cross

    Monday, April 6 -                   Simon Helps Carry the Cross

    Tuesday, April 7 -                  Jesus Speaks to the Women

    Wednesday, April 8 -             Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

    Maundy Thursday, April 9 - Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

    Good Friday, April 10 -         Jesus Cares for His Mother

    Holy Saturday, April 11        Jesus Dies on the Cross-

  • Faith Roots: WAlking Through the Story of Our Faith

    The COVID-19 outbreak abruptly halted our Wednesday Night Study on the History of the Christian Church.  Beginning April 15, we will resume the study as a video series.  Keep an eye on this space for links to the new videos and downloadable study guides.  We'll also soon be posting the past study guides if you want to catch up!